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2653 Stinson Blvd, Minneapolis, MN  55418   612.803.9159

4 Angels Creations, Nina Guertin

4 Angels Creations seeks to spread the message of God's love and goodness through an angel ministry focused in prayer and clay work.

Raku clay is slab-rolled and impressed with antique lace, handmade doilies and tatting, and other handmade impressionable pieces. Infused with prayer and positive energy, each angel, cross or guardian is hand-cut and -built, bisque-fired, hand-glazed and then hard-fired in a gas reduction kiln to 2800 degrees. This handmade process, along with the gas-reduction firing, ensures the individuality of each piece.

Able to withstand all temperatures and climates for placement indoors or out, each piece is one-of-a-kind, prayerfully handmade with love and with the intention that the end-receiver will be open to accept the healing, harmony, peace and ministering spirit that each piece aspires to convey.

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